Honest opinions needed


Im considering going to uni to begin a career in industrial design. My problem is that my sketching is poor. Although I know practice would help it I think its unlikely Ill ever be a good sketcher.

Before I start following the wrong path, Im wanting totally honest opinions on whether it is possible to be a successful designer with poor sketching skills, or will I end up finding it hard to get the jobs I want due to the sketching??


Sketching is just another game. Unless you have an illness, you can learn to sketch as well as the next person. The key to it is practice, practice, practice. If I have one regret from my schooling, it is that I did not take all the drawing classes I could!

So the short of it: if you are in high school, sign up for whatever art classes you can, specifically drawing or painting.

If you are graduating soon, and you can’t sign up for classes, then get a sketch pad and start filling. Also, I highly recommend tracing alot. It doesn’t matter if your first drawing is bad, keep it up!

Your in highschool! Don’t sell yourself short so early, you have 4 years to get on it. Practice and patience, like learning anything else…

I second what the other posters said. Drawing is literally a skill and it is absolutely 100% possible for everyone to learn to draw. Yes there are some people who will be better or worse at it, just like anything else, but it definitely can be learned.

I think the usefulness of drawing in ID resides in two areas:

  1. Usefulness to yourself - being able to whip out quick sketches of your ideas will help you to better understand and explore three dimensional form. The sketches also serve as a record of your ideas and their development. These sketches don’t need to look polished at all.

  2. Presentation - you need to be able to visually communicate your ideas to all different kinds of people, many of whom are not especially visually literate. They’ve got to look at your drawings and completely get your point. Drawing is definitely a part of this, put actually it is about the entire visual presentation.

I am a perfect example. In school I had a pretty tough time learning to draw “ID Style” - in fact I hated it, the whole sexy car thing, the markers, the farkles, etc. So I wasn’t considered very good at it, and didn’t consider myself very good at it either. My skills really developed more after I got out of school, when it dawned on me that all I really had to do was communicate the idea as effectivelly as possible, and that I didn’t need to work in a pre-determined format. I kept at it, not thinking about drawing but about presenting, and a few years ago someone told me that I had one of the nicest, clearest presentation styles they’d ever seen. Made my day. :slight_smile:

Also, remember that the ID field is incredibly broad and is not just computers and cars. Each different niche/material requires its’ own kind of presentation and you will ultimately develop a style of drawing and presenting that is comfortable to you and appropriate to your clients.

Hope this helps!

Find a sketch of something you like the product and the style. And try to imitate it. Trace over their image to get a feel for how they might be drawing it.

I didn’t like sketching in the beginning because I had no interest in designing cars and that’s what all the turtorials seem to be.

But have confidence in yourself. No teveryone is a rockstar in the beginning, but they can be.

Sketching and/or drawing skills will not get you everywhere. I learned in art school its about resources and using your head and creativity to the best of your ability. If you’re not good at sketching, ofcourse practice, but also find someone who is good and watch them or have them help you with what you want to achieve and then you can do it on your own.
Artists always look past the fact that two heads are better than one. It’s always prideful to have accomplished something on your own, but if you lack the skills, then you can’t always execute what you are meaning to create.
I was always envious of my peers who had skillful friends and would always be able to do more than me. I was so stubborn and tried to do everything by myself. Anyhoo, goodluck.