Honda Urban EV

I am loving this Honda concept. It riffs nicely off of the original 1970’s and 80’s Civics and Accords in a way that is clean and modern. Built it Honda!

one more pic. This thing is adorable.

Love it!

Cute and fun, but still sporty with nice stance. Newson 021C re-incarnated. Feeling a bit like a modern MKII Golf Gti vibe…


definitely, and all good references for them!

What do you think the chances are it will look like this if if ever goes to production? After Toyota, Honda is the worst for adding on all kinds of extra crap to make it look like a transformer crossed with a Dyson vacuum and Space ship… At least I’d imagine it will kinda suck after they put on proper fenders, lights, bumpers, mirrors and normal size wheels.

Especially being an EV, I have little faith they won’t mess this up. Look what happened to the Chevy Volt and the BMW i cars…


PS. Wish I wasn’t so jaded by car concepts that look cool but turn into garbage. :wink:

I am digging this too.
Maybe BarberOsgerby had an influence on the clean design language with their “Great Journey” exploration project at MAP. That was awesome.

But yeah, I am pretty sure, once this get’s chewed on by the different layers in the company, it’ll get deemed to plain…

I can definitely see some of that BarberOsgerby influence. Also, they had another retro concept last year that was similar. Below is the original Civic for reference.

I think you guys are right, it probably won’t make it through ‘the system’ unmolsted, but until then we can hope.

I think that ‘hokey stick’ DLO graphic would make it a great SAAB compact :wink: I miss that brand. never owned one, but I like that they existed.

I present… Le Car.


le yes please.

That is a very fun, eclectic, overly Japanese but with a good sense of stance and proportion. The design is still generic enough to act like a platform vehicle to customize for different markets. I always like a bit more originality where you stretch the limits of what can be an electric car. Tesla leaving out the grille while still hinting at it being one example, or a reference to large venturi tunnels on the front as we see on solar cars. This is very refreshing.

  1. Le Car is a great example of a name or language ruining something. I always associated the Le Car with crappy cheap unreliable cars. Then I read about the Renault 5 in French and was a big fan. In my head, they are still two different cars.

  2. No way that it gets to production. I don’t think there is enough room in the $30k compact car market for more than just Mini. If they made this for $16k, I’m sure it would look horrible.

On the other hand, if enough people like this, it might make them change their design language. I remember the Dodge Neon was supposed to have rectangular headlights, but after showing the concept, Lee Iacocca told the engineering team that they had to make the round headlights work. So, concepts do shift perceptions.

Last, when I think small Japanese cars, I think of kei cars with tiny wheel and tires. Cartoony.

I’d like to see a little more dorky in this concept.

Something like this Honda could be a good competitor for the FIAT 500 in addition to the Mini.

And then there’s this…


Wow! I’ve never seen that! I love it.

I love it. I really hope this drives (no pun intended) some of the automotive design away from overly styled, massive objects. I will admit I am a little sad about the rise in autonomous vehicles, mostly due to the possible loss of driving culture, if that happens.

We will become like those people who still ride horses for fun. Not gone completely but a small sub culture.

I’ll believe autonomous driving when I see it en masse.


LOVE this Honda concept as well. Total opposite end of the spectrum from a lot of the over-styled stuff that’s out there. Aesthetically, it looks like more of a product than a vehicle, if that makes sense. Inspired by consumer products more than cars. Very cool.

Please. Just bring the Element back, and add a third seat to the back. That is all.

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