Honda to produce fuel cell for 2008?

Rumored this will go on sale in '08:

the problem with fuel cells is still infrastructure.

That said, it is happening pretty quietly. I would have thought that infrastucture required for fuel cells would be far more publicized than it is.

I heard they were going to lease it to several (30 maybe?) families in California for $600 a month starting in 08. Not a full production run just yet.

Couldn’t find where I read that, but I believe it was a CNN auto show feature of some kind last week.

Drive it next summer.

Thanks for posting this Yo. I read this in Autocar just this morning. Apparently the price is going to be 50,000 pounds, about $100k. Here’s what it will look like:

BTW, Honda is right on schedule. Their president said over 10 years ago that they would sell a fuel cell car by 2010 and probably stop making engines by 2050. In my opinion this is the most important vehicle since the 1891 Panhard.

Link to Honda’s website about the FCX fuel cell car:


Richmond (the town in which I live) is supposedly getting a Hydrogen fueling station. I would LOVE to be a beta tester for Honda.

I wonder how the folks over at Ballard feel about this.

They just sold the automotive portion of their fuel cell business on November 8th because of the…

“realities of the high cost and long timeline for automotive fuel cell commercialization.”
(quote from the below news article)

If they could only have hung on for another 11 days…!

Yeah, Ballard used to be the world leader in the technology. They were tied up close with Mercedes. Since Honda got involved though, they have really advanced the technology. I guess it is just the Japanese mindset of steady improvement…