HONDA Sports EV Concept


These new batch of Hondas are nice. They look like toys. Again, hoping they don’t lose all the goodies when made for production with real size wheels, bumpers, mirrors, etc.

I’m guessing this one is just the sportier version of the hatch previously discussed?


Too much like it was a character in one of the Car’s movies.

This car is a fantastic piece of design. I am very encouraged by this … I always tell my clients and my students that novelty fades, but beauty lasts, and this is very beautiful. Minimal lines complimented with complex surfaces and very bold details, make it Honda and it will be a classic. This couldn’t be more unexpected from the makers of the current Honda Civic. Scrap the line Honda and base it all on the DLS.

While I agree with what you are saying, the glowing headbadge and side blue light are entirely a gimmick. Look at me, I’m electric. Design at its lowest common denominator.

I agree but I can forgive the detail in the context of the whole… if I buy now I’ll put a little electrical tape over that :slight_smile:

Sorry, I couldn’t disagree more – what you can’t see in most of the PR photos is the incredibly weird detail of the hood. Very poorly resolved - this is all novelty.

That looks like a pain to wash, and I might have to see more pics, but I like it. It’s a simple revision to the packaging that references an engine, but shows a re-think of from given the lack of space needed for a traditional combustion engine.


Conceptually I love it, but I agree that once you started to translate this into something production worthy it would likely turn into a mess pretty quickly.

Adding real door handles, mirrors and pillars will wash away that ultra clean side graphic and surfacing.

Adding real headlights with reflectors, turn signals, parting lines that would let you actually pop the hood will start to slice up those surfaces. Plus the front end looks way too low and dangerous for modern pedestrian safety standards (damn you pedestrians!)

I can forgive the weird Tomogatchi LCD screen on the bumper, but I think if someone went through the exercise of productizing this everything that makes it so great would be gone. But I appreciate them showing restraint compared to the Civic Type-R ultra-transformer robotech design language.

Aren’t concept cars supposed to be aspirational anyway?

And if their team was able to come up with something this cool, who knows what else they’re capable of. Sure, they split up the surfaces, add mirrors, etc., but I’m sure they’ll find a way to make the details work.

I love both of these concepts. I wasn’t expecting to see a sport coupe with the same design language. That’s really encouraging.

What Mike is saying, that is exactly why concept cars hardly ever make it to the roads.

Figuring out the right balance between vision field, aerodynamics, lighting, driver ergonomics and other requirements has to be done in the concept stage or it often has to be modified into an entirely different vehicle.

The first concept was sort of fresh, I do see they are vacuum wrapping vintage Euro classics but I like where they are going.

Mike, I don’t share your pessimistic view. I think that even if there is some toning down fro production, this will be an amazing improvement over their current DLS.

Wouldn’t disagree that it would be a radical improvement over their current language at all, I just think what makes this particular concept excellent (all concepts are watered down in production) but it seems like there wouldn’t be much of anything left.

You’d end up with this:

At least the Urban EV has room for a front license plate and a more realistic breakup & proportion, I think that could translate without losing itself in the process.

I don’t think that is a correct assessment Mike.

I can’t see a Figaro and not smile. There adorable (and a few weirdos imported them to Canada).

I think Honda literally could not do worse than they are doing in terms of design, so bring it on. I was kinda interested when I heard the Civic hatch was returning. I vomit a little in my mouth when I see them now. Horrible. Someone must have slipped and fell into that clay model.

Some good news, I read a tweet that some high up exec said they are going to production with minimal changed to the hatchback. I think it’s due to debut in only 2 years. We’ll be able to pass judgment then!