Honda Ridgeline my ass.. . . ..

and it’s not a one-off either. …

If that is not a statement of bad taste and excess, I don’t know what is.

I’ve heard of hybrid semis like this in the past. This one looks either:

a: photoshoped

b: a bad design.

The lines from the bed totally don’t match up with the lines on the cab. I can’t believe that International’s design team is that bad.

taste has nothing to do with it … excess, now that’s another story.

what the hell is Avalanche, an H2, a Navigator, or a Z51 Corvette about?

of course it’s about excess.

Oh, it is for real, unfortunately…


466 cubic inch diesel I-6

14,500 lbs


540 lb-ft

220 hp

25,999 lbs

(from International Press Release) Your eyes don’t deceive you. It’s a pickup truck. From International. Which makes it much more than a pickup truck. It’s an International®CXT – born out of the proven International 7300 severe service truck used by professionals for the most rugged applications.

So you get all the attributes of a commercial truck – but you don’t need a commercial driver’s license to drive it.*

The legendary International®DT 466 diesel engine provides up to 6 tons of hauling power.**The air-ride cab and seats provide an exceptionally smooth ride. And a spacious and well-appointed interior ensures automotive-like comfort and convenience.

The result of more than a century of leadership in the truck market, the International CXT delivers performance. In a big way.

I saw that pieice of crap on tv the other day, apparently there are a few hollywood celebs that drive them. I saw a vh1 special where ashton kutcher drove a huge black one. They joked that it got 1 mpg and he couldn’t park it anywhere in LA.

what a waste.

Not just drove. He owns it. When my dad mentioned that, I was sure he was joking - an International truck drove by (not one of these things) and he said, “Oh! That’s what that guy from MTV drives now.” After some incredulity, I looked it up…yep.

What will celebrities come up with next? A monster truck? An 18-wheeler? An ex-Soviet tank? And whatever happened to those glorious days when they all drove hybrids? I understand Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz and Natalie Portman all still drive Priuses.

I’d like to see the day when everyone drives tiny hybrids. A gas-electric Lotus Elise, that’s my dream car. With the torque an electric motor provides…

International 7300CXT

International RXT

well, it’s SOMETHING of an improvement …

I’ve seen them hauling horse trailers, racing motorcycle, car, and boart or mega RV trailers. I guess it makes some sort of sense for those applications…some.

They released this one as a “concept” in Chicago:

They all look like they just chopped off pieces of other cars. The silver one has PT Cruiserisms on the front lights, the black one has Hummer genes. At least they lowered the view out of the front windshield so you can see who you’re about to run over.

The three center lights over the windscreen, sometimes referred to as a “clip”, is used to identify vehicles 80 inches wide. Their use applies to the rear of a vehicle as well.

So either this IS a wide fellow, or they’re just using it as a styling device.

The paramilitary tire pattern has a take-no-prisoners look to them.


If I had a big fifth-wheel camper, or large horse trailer I’d be looking at the MXT, or another product like it. I have a friend that hauls livestock, and another that pulls his twenty-six foot fishing boat (commercial off shore fisherman) and they’re constantly having their trucks worked on; transmissions mostly

Both Ford and Cheverolet are just not up to it in the heavy load-pulling category. Dodge, maybe more so. But “heavy industrial” is what the market is asking for. And as far as “Professional Built” GMC, well… . …

Just too bad Pete didn’t beat them to the punch.

The first one posted looked so cobbled together from existing parts, that I still think it looks like a bad photoshop job, rather than a real product.

This new concept though, everything is pretty well integrated except the parabolic accent line cutting through the hood. Everything else is squared off. The proportions are very weird though.

Looks like the passenger doors are the same as those used on the CXT, windscreen too.

Looks almost “Jeep-like” witht the flat fenders

Ford has a truck not dissimilar to this in production, Im not sure what it is called.

:twisted: :twisted: 8) 8) :oops: :arrow: :expressionless:

I think it would be fun to drive,

this is america isn’t it? Not some land of spineless tree hugging Euroweenies - check your masculinity at the door over there.

I also like the monster truck idea, that would be sweet.

if you can afford the gas I say do it, barely anyone else has one like it - style wise it’s not fantastic, but it’s a huge truck, it’s supposed to look industrial and tough!!!