Honda Hands

clever stuff this

If only it was that easy!


But wait! There’s more!

I don’t remember seeing these commericals.

  1. A Civic touring car is FWD. WTF.

  2. Great ad. Honda’s UK ad agent is so much better than their US one. I can’t remember the last Honda commercial I saw, let alone the last one that was inspiring.

In case you don’t remember, they did this too:

Honda just educated me that they make planes, I had no idea. Put into context of a very impressive body of work. Great ad.

I do remember that commerical Ray. And I remember not completely buying into the physics of the three tires being bumped up the ramp, but it’s still a great commercial.

nxakt, Honda announced that the first production HondaJet flew for the first time this past Monday (30 June). They had been have engine development problems; it was supposed to fly last November.

Honda Jet

I think there are weights glued to part of the inside of the tires.

The Honda jet kicks butt. They were testing that thing for 10 years. Commercial planes are tough to give birth to.

Love that they got Garrison Keillor to do the voice over. Also, in the first video @ 16 seconds, they should have gotten the 6 cylinder exhaust correct (3 pipes each side) on such a famous bike! Instead they just carried over the exhaust from the little C70/Passport and made it black. Too bad for a bike that is known for it’s crazy exhaust sound.

Lew, have you ever seen the original of that ad from 1987?

The hand held camera and the 1987 state of computer graphics made me know it was possible, like Ray figured weights were the key.

Too bad for a bike that is known for it’s crazy exhaust sound.

turn the volume way up… check out the "starter motor @ :44. And what 18,000 rpm sounds @1:18

Never saw the original. Prefer the Honda commercial pacing hehe;)

18k sounds good no matter what.

Saw Team Obsolete campaign (actually RACE it!) one of these things (theirs is actually the RC165, the progenitor of the 166) a few years back: an awesome, awesome sound.

Made me take the earplugs OUT.

15 cubic inches. I just looked it up. Reminds me of how I want to build a 2 L V8 someday…dreams dreams

15 cubic inches. I just looked it up.

Awww w w …

See what a 3D printer in the right hands can do!

My son will have his first 25cc, 18,000 RPM motorcycle in 3 years!!!