Honda Great Journey

Check out the video. Its great

Also cool to see the project through the lense of the designers too.

Super fun way to explore these ideas. I think the designs could be a little more resolved, but the overall thing is cute.

Have you seen this? You have to endlessly scroll once on a concept to see the good stuff, not nearly as fun a way to consume the concept as the honda video, but the concepts are strong.

and for those of you not patient enough to get straight to the Honda video, I embedded it below:

A great video - I bet they had some fun working on this.
I’m particularly a fan of number 5…and 6…in fact, all of them are cool in their own ways!

This is pretty spectacular.
MAP (born out of BarberOsgerby) really stepped up the quirk factor on this one.

I think this is definitely an example why hiring an external agency can be a great move and worthwhile investment for a large corporation.

What makes this a great example of a worthwhile investment? What’s the projected ROI - financial, material or otherwise?

Honda has obviously a strong and extensive in-house design department but what this project shows me is the value in hiring a small, creative outfit such as MAP to explore beyond the often rigid framework and timeline of the in-house team.

Working in-house myself now we ask ourselves when and why it would make sense to engage an outside agency both for a strategic and creative exploration .
This is why. A new perspective on the past and the future. A story beautifully told and illustrated.

Obviously this most likely will not result in direct financial rewards or supply designs that we can find on the road a couple of years.
But it will push the brand forward and inspire the in-house designers.

I am happy Honda shared this as these types of future projects often stay behind closed doors.

we did one for them when I was at frog… forever committed to the deep storage files :slight_smile:

At Sound United we have used outside firms for things like this from time to time. We showed a future vision of connected home audio that we worked with Ziba on… in the end we went outside for 2 reasons:

  1. bandwidth. The internal team was just at capacity on production work.
  2. validation. For the board and others having an outside firm work on it validated the concepts we already had internally.

If I could have eliminated those two factors I would have kept it internal. The final piece was a video showing a variety of use cases throughout the home, not dissimilar from his piece IDEO did for Intel awhile back. Even so, I made sure all of the hardware in the video were designed by the internal team.

This IDEO vid is old, and a little slow, but the overall still strong, so these future vision pieces can be pretty durable.