Honda DN-01?

What’s with this new Honda bike? The DN-01 is a crossover motorcycle? Reminds me of the spacesuit in the movie “Sunshine”.

This thing?

Bike design is getting interesting…

It looks better without a rider on it.

It looks so phallic with a rider haha!

Bike design is getting interesting…

:unamused: :unamused: :cry:

The rectangular section “muffler” work well with the rest of the bike… doncha think? The windshield doesn’t; way too low to be effective. A contemporary “cafe” bike appearance, with chopper riding position; or a Hog with a full body fairing… not sure what they are after.

Another recent Honda foray into production “custom”.

Honda Fury

The DN reminds me of the BMW Montauk (German for; monstrosity. I think :wink: ).

For some reason this reminds me of Halo…