Honda 0 design

When I first saw this, I thought, “that’s a cool looking concept”. Then I read Honda saying this is 90% of a production version.

This is the first EV that I feel is trying to look for a new concept. Is it a good design though?

It must be good design, because it looks like one of my college textbooks.

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I have that too. I was never as good as that author.

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my friend Gavin Ivester posted this over on LinkedIn :slight_smile:

I love the design (both of them) but Honda has been making some fantastic EV concept cars over the past 5+ years… they clearly have the design talent. The question is will they bring any of these to production? Supposedly this is green lit.

that’s hilarious. Honda is approaching Nissan/Infiniti levels of “not getting shit done”

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All this says to me is that the car will never exist. The fact that the auto industry, and its followers, continue to fool themselves into thinking that 99% of concept cars are anything more than fun art and sculpture projects continues to blow my mind.

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Honda has a pretty bad track record in particular. Toyota seems to throw out 10 new EV concepts a year, maybe to distract people that they are far behind?

Hyundai, sometimes they concepts are close, sometimes far… the Ioniq 5 was not a bad translation.


Production, certainly not as clean, but for as fast as they got it there, not bad:

Concept cars fall into two groups.

  1. Totally unrealistic styling exercise. PR/marketing move.

  2. Production ready model with a bit of “flair” like no mirrors, stupid yolk steering wheel and giant rims.

The interesting stuff is in between but pretty rare these days.

It has an uncanny resemblance to a bagged canister vacuum and I cannot unsee it.
That said, it’s much better executed and attractive than any new BMW or Mercedes-Benz (with their newfound love of jelly bean aesthetics).