homemade a/c system

homemade a/c system for you sweaty people with no money

ohmigod! you are so brilliant!

I’m sure it must be very popular in the South, although how would you fit them into those double wide’s.

as a student renter is guess it’s okay to be oblivious to the environment … by wasting all that water.

and speaking of water, and sweaty people with no money, who’s paying the water bill?

typical designer answers, all fluff, no substance, surely no technical understanding of how a/c works. c’mon people, more than water wasting and color, it’s just a great way to prove the basics and do a lot with so little. hats off to the “inventor”. it probably even works too.

Wasting water? Just put another garbage can under the drain tube. Maybe you can get your lukewarn laundry cycle started at the same time :smiley:

leave it to a crazy Canuk to come up with a crazy yet smart solution like this

has anyone tried this yet?


you should be able to recycle the water

very clever, but you can buy A/C units at target for 50 bucks, and they come with a little wheely thing to move them with. And you don’t have to take up half your apartment with a garbage can full of west nile virus.