Home Office/Studio/Workspace -Let's See it!

No Charley Harper but definitely Harper inspired. Definitely need to seek out some Harper work though.

The one in the middle is a random print I found online as Society6.com. It’s by an artist called Picomodi who does some really interesting work.

The NYC prints are by Remko Heemskerk https://www.remkoheemskerk.com a Dutch artist. He does some awesome prints of NYC.


Luckily we had a guest room with a separate entrance, which is cool for external visits. So far, the only visitor has been my daughter, who put up some sketches.

btw, nice boombox Richard. Definitely a bit of nostalgia for me.

I recently sold my Pioneer (very similar to yours) for a bit more than I paid for it in 1983. Go figure.

Here is the set up here for 2 of us.

Picked up some “Gamer Desks” on Amazon which have turned out to be awesome. Headphone hook, cup holders, tons of leg room and relatively cheap.

Dremel 3D Printer on the floor, Sewing machine, fabric, pantone books and other swatches are in another room, the pull up bar has converted into a sample rack. Far from perfect but its worked for 2 weeks with at least a few more to go!

I think I am most impressed with the well-stocked bar. So mad men.

Making the move outside.

Figure the 30 second commute will help focus, I can get some daylight, and will want to come inside and stop working at the end of the day. Plus the wifi managed to reach well enough for video chats.

Have to figure out some HEAT though.

[ Deleted ]

OMG you take the same commute!

Actually I have to change at Xbox, and detour for cat litter box.

Its all about the toys though… what’s on your desk?

I joke that my commute sometimes takes longer than normal because someone inconsiderate left a t-shirt in the way causing a blockage.

No space for a desk at the moment so have my work computer set up on my small apartment dining table:

Mecha, obviously.

[ Deleted ]

We all need a VF-1 Valkyrie :slight_smile:

Love the pod!

and you know I’ve got an Avus :innocent:

Is a surface with an array of faceted forms - such as that upright mouse - harder or easier to thoroughly clean than a smooth continuous surface?

In y’all’s opinion.

All mice and keyboards are pretty nasty after 6 months and hard to clean. I just cleaned out my 3D mouse, which seems designed to catch as much debris as possible. It was gross…

Yah, I haven’t noticed much difference RE texture. That fluting is like 1mm deep tops.

I never understood the toys things for adults/designers.


cool, thanks for that addition Richard :poop: