Home Office/Studio/Workspace -Let's See it!

1 Pic only! No description.

Home studio, temporary home office, workspace, nook… let’s see it!

Here’s mine.


Nope. Mine sucks.

I’m OK. Gotta work around everybody else in the house…

[ Deleted ]

Man. I need a sofa in my home office!


Doubles as a full-size bed too for the occasional guest.

What kind of work did you say you did? :wink:


My contagion office bunker while holed up in MSP…

Nice chair choice Lowe9 :wink:

PS. Did you see Objectified is streaming free now?

Alright, alright.

Am jealous of some of these spaces and Keno’s room to pace around. I’m tempted to move out to my shop building. Only problem, no heat.
I have some oil heaters that could take the edge off, but wonder about the electronics and how susceptible gadgets are to damage from daily warming and cooling.

Not really home office, but home desk I have taken over. Working for now. Wife is in the same room.


… this is my sunny bunker over here near Cologne, Germany.

some detail might still hint to that it used to be a nice place for a 7 year old girl…

Let’s hope this all blows over with as few casualties as possible and we take the challenges out of this crisis to come back as a stronger human society.


Are those Charley Harper prints, Justin? Look nice!


Dining room jungle office

Room office, missing some plants in my opinion.

Obviously all of us have to bridge some idiosyncrasies to make our home - offices work.

“God bless the Queen.” , - a tried and true veteran European.