home decor/giftware design job postings

Does anyone know where I can search for home decor/giftware job postings? Seasonal home decor, table top, and other similar items. Let me know if anyone knows of a website.


Not sure where you’re located, but there was/is a possible opening in Michigan with a company that makes products similar to what you described. I think the place is called Whitehall Products.?.?

Thanks for the heads up. I’m in PA - but will look into places that will accept a remote freelance designer as well.

i think designid was looking for a designer. www.designid.com if im not mistaken


target, williams-sonoma, k-mart, etc. often large corporations that have multiple areas of lifetsyle are great to freelance for, and generally pay well hourly.

great idea, but how do you get to the powers that be?

Those sites are great. Designid has a message stating not expanding right now - but the 24seventalent.com is awesome - thanks! Actually, my current employer sells to Target, Kmart, etc. Really, the best design job in this field is working for vendors who sell to these stores - then you can really get some variety on designs. The only problem is - most of these vendors aren’t publicly advertised.

Target has a lot of listings right now- looks like they’re making some big changes in-house. How can I get in w/ Martha Stewart - any ideas?

who the hell designs for target?

what do you mean? Companies or people.They have hundreds of suppliers - but I’m not sure about their in-house design departments.

target has an in-house product design dept. everything from hardgoods, soft goods, sporting goods, color, textile, fashion and graphics, packaging, etc…

basically majority of what you see on target shelves is designed by their designers, except of course product designed by big names like starck, mizrahi, etc…

True - a lot of it is designed by their inhouse designers - but they also purchase a lot of products from outside vendors - I work for one right now and I’ve worked for one in the past.