Home crafts design

any suggestions how to charge for freelance concepts for home products (dishes, etc). i have a new client who wants to sell my concept nationally wholesale and i’m not sure how i should bill.

this is new to me, any help would be appreciated.

I am looking through threads on this board and, in doing so, realize how vague my question may sound. So please dont give me a hard time, like I said, I’m new :wink:

I’m a copywriter and have recently started doing freelance copywriting work, for which I generally charge 40-50 an hour. I have the opportunity to sell a product concept that will be manufactured… I’m simply not accustomed to this sort of work.

Should I just go for my copywriting rate, or am I underselling? That might be a better, more specific question to ask.

On a related note, this is a really informative forum. And I’m not just saying that to kiss *ss to get replies, haha

I would try to negotiate an up front hourly rate for the concept work, and then an on going royalty fee for the products that reach the market.
Typically you would charge a lower up front hourly rate and hope that your products are successful in the market.
Not being in the US I cant comment on an hourly rate, but for a royalty it is usually around 3-5%

There is a lot to be said for passive income.

Royalties! Yes, fantastic point and clearly something I should do more research on. Thank you for taking the time to respond and offer some direction.

I don’t know numbers, but my mother does a lot of folk art design for a small publisher. She’ll do a bunch of designers per a customers request, they’ll pick a few, she’ll get an upfront fee, and then a percentage or flat fee per unit sold of whatever type of product her design ends up being made into. This is a simple and “country” as it gets and I can’t imagine it going any other way beyond the country folk art scene. yeehaw. But I could be way off.