holy uggles

ughh… http://www.chevrolet.com/hhr06/

why are vehicles so damn ugly these days…wow this thing is awfull[/url]

Confirmed: It is twice as ugly in the flesh. It looks dumpy, not quite sure where it is misproportioned.

Wow, you guys really think its bad? I like it. Yeah, the PT comments are bound to happen. A lot of vehicles from different companies today look the same. Its getting hard to tell cars apart lately when the only distinguishing features are the headlights and taillights. The HHR, while being a retro styled wagon, stands apart from the croud. For that, I give it credit. The design is clean, and un-cluttered. The interior is roomy and functional for a vehicle that size. Don’t forget how fun it’ll be to customize one of these too. Last, but not least, its priced very competitively, especially with the Employee Discount for Everyone promotion.