Holus- An Interactive Holographic Display

Hello to all IxD Designers,

My name is Jenny and I’ve been working at a tech startup company called H+Technology. For the last 2 years, we’ve been creating a holographic tabletop display that will allow families and friends to sit around a table and enjoy games, education, and entertainment etc. in an engaging, non-isolating environment.

Holus (our holographic display) can be used for many purposes. I personally want to create experiences that will encourage users to collaborate with each other using Holus. This is because I believe that it is important to humanize technology and remind people that socialization is not something you do strictly through the screen.

Check out our Kickstarter Trailer here: Holus: A Holographic Era Kickstarter Trailer on Vimeo

What do you guys think about using technology (such as Holus) to fight anti-social smart device addiction by encouraging users to interact with others through gaming, and entertainment etc.?

You can learn more about what we do here at H+ and Holus at http://www.hplustech.com. If our mission and values resonate with you, please help us spread the word by lending us your voice on our Thunderclap campaign: ow.ly/NJt5u.

Thank you!

Hello to all IxD Designers,

We are live on Kickstarter! And I’m so happy to say that in the first 20 minutes we reached our goal!
Discover more about the Holus, the SDK and developers tools on our page: Holus: The Interactive Tabletop Holographic Display by hplustech — Kickstarter

Join the holographic era!

Hi Jenny! Congrats on reaching your kickstarter goals that quickly. I have a question on your kickstarter presentation. In the main movie, is the display of the Holus functioning, are we seeing the actual projected holographic images? I ask because I have a feeling the display content has been added afterwards. Just being curious on how it all works!