Hollywood topic

i think it would be great if there was a topic specifically geared towards the big screen.

i.e. production design, prop design, set building, concepts, etc.

anyone in the industry could share their knowledge and anyone looking to break into the industry could ask questions. i just got to thinkin of this because of a recent topic in the transportation section.

maybe this could be the place for it all?

my take on production design is that everything is about form and feeling, rather than function and useability. it seems like fast paced industry with a lot of energy and little distraction with marketing and manufacturing. maybe i’m wrong…

how much is this business focused on manufacturing? who decides if certain props will be CG or real, plastic painted parts or functional ones? are the concept designers often the same ones building the props, like for example, a futuristic fire hydrant that’s shown during a car chase in a film set in the 2060’s…

i’d like to know a bit more than what i think of it. very cool stuff