Hollow Phone

A little background of me:
Name: K. Albert Ryan
Age: 14
Experience: since diapers, but not quite.

This is actually my first time actually finishing a photoshop render of an electronic device. And one of my first photoshop final presentations. I was trying to explore something away from the transportation design side, which is my main focus, so I came up with this:

(Background from stckxchng.

My main goal was to find a solution of reducing the materials of developing a cell phone without taking away a substancial amount of its features.

please, c+c.

Arhh 2am here, can’t sleep!

Ok, your approach is just too literal. If I read it right, you are taking away physical buttons just to “reduce” material? Does that mean the body of the phone will remain?

A few questions:
How does taking buttons away help? I mean, iPhone essentially took away most buttons without being “empty”, but made the interaction even more meaningful. How is your approach “meaningful”?
How does your design show the “why”?

To get ahead of myself, I will push you to think in the direction of “de-materializing communication”. Think about this, there are many dimensions to communication, from the abstract such as emotion(which is very real), to physical hardware which is supposed to be less important. In today’s society, it seems that we have conveniently assumed that we need hardware to communicate. But is it?

It’s also up to you to define what “de-materialize” means.

Thanks for the comment.

Yes, I’m cutting out parts of the phone to reduce the amount of material it takes to make this phone, because today, phones are so overloaded that when you recycle them, theres more going into the garbage. The rectangular frame of the phone will remain (except for the screen and the three circle scroll buttons below).

With this kind of phone, less materials are used in the phone, therefore less material in the waste.
By taking away buttons, it becomes simple to navigate the phone, because it’s a simple case of inserting and rotating you finger.
I’m a bit confused on the meaningful part, but I guess it would be because the interface is easy/simplistic and easy on the eyes while being environmentally friendlier than the majority of the phones today.
How it shows the why? Well I think I explained it somewhere up there ^. o_o

I think that cell phones are just mere communication tools. They shouldn’t be any more complicated than that. Sure, it’s nice to hold media and such, but do we need so many accessories to deck out the phone? Having a simple, pure communicator will do the job in my opinion.

But I really appreciate your comment and crits. They help me out insanely alot. I’ve come up with many ideas while typing this.

What would be cool is a phone that looks really nice, and could be warn as an accessory. More of a female market I would think. A really ‘mod’-esq ring shaped deal. Also then girls would not need to stick their phones in their pockets.