Holistic Approach - Project Idea

Hello all,
For along time now I’ve been brainstorming ideas for my final year projects.

Inspired by the famous Robert Hayes quote: “Products are made in the factory, brands are created in the mind, design connects the two.” My project idea was to imply a holistic approach combining the design of a Brand, Products and Packaging - all in alinement and relevant to one another and it’s users.

Does anyone have any knowledge/experience of such an approach/process? Or can anyone recomend some literature on the topic?

(gave a quick search to the forums already… redirect me if its been covered)


That’s a good approach to designing anything… and that’s your problem: that’s not a project idea. That’s a methodology (again, a good one that I believe in). You can find several projects that do cover multiple facets of a product. For example, my Project Modai was a holistic project where I designed the brand, interactions, visuals, and industrials, and addressed some of the lifecycle sustainability issues.

From my personal experience, to do something like this well will require long nights of work. You’ll basically be bouncing between 3 different roles as new issues and considerations come up: I want this to have this behavior, but that will change the brand in this way, and that means the visuals have to reflect that new brand, etc etc. It’s very, very difficult.

But again, all of that is nothing if you don’t have an actual project idea, which you don’t.

Wow, took a look at your Modai project, great stuff!

I can imagen the work load and then different roles played.
I didn’t mention a project… but i had in mind building a kitchenwares brand positioned at modern household cooks, relevant to there lifestyle and current food trends. I would design a collection of branded kitchenwares to aid in food preparation and presentation. Packaging would serve a premium brand retail experience.

Having never taken something like this on before… any advice? Or even text which inspired or helped you? or even the process of building a brand?

When designing. Brand it helps to manifest the design language you form over several products, a collection, a product portfolio. For example if you were going to develop a men’s lifestyle brand inspired by Tokyo youth, you would want to explore several pieces of footwear, watches, headphones, etc. If you were going to develop a brand around wireless input devices, you might explore keyboards, mice, trackballs, clip on keyboard cases for tablets, Bluetooth headsets…