holiday party Boston?

I am thinking of having our company’s annual holiday party in Boston this year. We usually get everyone condos in Killington, VT for the weekend celebration but the mix of people this year seems to favor a more urban site.

Can anyone recommend a cool hotel and/or restaurant for about 30 people (+ some kids).

I appreciate the help.

I need to come work for you. We just get a lousy Dinner with no booze.

No booze! The horror! :laughing:

Though something tells me working in the corporate world is going to be pretty similar to that. Happy hour should be a mandatory benefit of every company, screw dental. :laughing:

The Evo parties are pretty much unbeatable… the best was the year when we all walked back to where we were staying but Mohan’s car somehow still got wrecked. is the Shot Ski still up and running?

I recommended:

Takes awhile to load:

This one is in the Lenox Hotel:

This one is out in Cambridge, but I hear good things, haven’t been yet:

Thanks for all the great info. (And, yes, the shot ski is entering its 10th year of service and it is holding up fine. I wil send you the details Yo. If you are in the area you should make a guest appearance.)