Hold back on showing something really Innovative?

Hope this doesn’t sound too pettty or egotistical. but does anyone ever hold back posting the really innovative concepts they’ve done on their websites because they think they might get “aped”?

Or is this just the price of showing you can do great work and come up with really good concepts? Cause once you put it out there, it’s everybodies now. Wondering what others attitudes about this are.

I assume you are a student. Be honest with yourself and decide if you ever will go through with either developing or selling the idea. If not - post it, generate PR for yourself, and move on to developing new ideas. Absolutely no reason for locking it in a drawer. Inevitably, someone will have the same idea at a later point, and you will be that bitter guy who says “I had the same idea X years ago, but I locked it in a drawer so no one would find out”.

In my student days I had several concepts that generated blog activity after I posted them on my coroflot. I still get inquires from people who see it and want to 1. buy it; 2. that I do work for them. I hope someone can some day help them with #1 because I’ve moved on to #2.

I agree with engio. As a student, most of my projects will probably never make it to production. Many people have written me to inquire about where they can purchase the products (since nothing exists on the market, even though my project’s been on them internets for over 2 years). It’s great exposure and could help you land a job.

Of course, the safe way is to only show these certain concepts in person, away from the internet. When you find the right people to help you push to production/make it a reality, then you’ll have something to talk about.