Hockey helmet sketches

I want to add some tighter sketches to my portfolio in the form of black line drawings, hand renders and photoshop renders. I’ve just started with this helmet project, but I think these drawings show my current level fairly well.

What I’d like feedback on is both where I can improve, and what I’m doing right.

I think you are putting too much “marker” onto them, it doesn’t help tell the form.

Scott Robertson has some very cool helmet renderings on his website.

The second linework sketch looks really good, keep working the lineweights like that.

On the colorups, Id say either use more values of markers, or straight up fill it with a medium value, throw down a dark value, and then a little white chalk and white pencil to punch it out. Slow down and enjoy yourself. It allways helps me to photocopy the sketch like 10 times and do a couple renderings of the same sketch. Stay loose and have fun.

I see what you guys mean after looking at Scott Robertson’s work. The contrast in values is what creates the form. Doh!

I’ll keep you updated with my progress.

Molested Cow: Thanks for the link. I hadn’t seen those renders and drawings before. They will be a big help to display form.

Actually I have some of the original photoshop files from scott… it’s amazing.

I like the ones at the top the best. Marker ones at the bottom are pretty good, I’d go for less of a dark outline around the helmet and a bit less marker overall, though. The dark outline tends to make the sketch look a bit over worked when combined with the marker. Believe me, I tend to do that myself and I have to constantly fight it. Heading in the right direction, though… : )

Don’t be afraid to use pencil. i know most people push the pen / sharpie thing but I can’t stand the feel of it on the paper, completely interferes with my stroke. You can get real good line weight with pencil and your ghosts stay spooky. As long as you use a hard lead like 4h, you won’t really smear and you can get a real sharp point to use for details that’ll last a while.
Some things that’ll help a lot are keeping parallel lines parallel. Draw them at the same time, ghost the one you just did for the muscle memory, slide up a bit and do the same movement.
Marker outlines can get real chunky real quick. It’ll help if you use an underlay so your final lines aren’t your exploration lines. Overlay and do the broad quick strokes to get that loose quality, pen marker or pencil.
I’ve played with doing quick photoshop renders as semi-marker renders and I like it. Set opacities up just like you would with cool grays for example. Use a realistic brush size with a slightly feathered edge (like marker bleed on paper) and the results are pretty nice, not obviously computer.
Keep up the work, keep practicing. Good luck to you.