Hobbyist Excavates Basement With RC Models



“Every year, I excavate about 2 to 3 cubic yards of material. I mine it from the walls during the winter, put it through the crusher, screen it, and then haul it out during a summer’s worth of Sundays.”

“It’s been a great hobby thus far, dreaming up - building all sorts of different minature equipment from kits or from scratch for this “mining” project. If it wasn’t for this mining project I probably would have lost of interest in this hobby by now b/c once the models are built - the novelty of how they work & perform would wear off with no task to be accomplished them,”

Other than slightly overfilling the semi bottom-dump, it was perfect!

Going to be sharing this one with a LOT of operating engineer friends.

Thanks for posting!!!
side job.JPG
Yes. This is actually me… … .

So…you are about an inch tall?