Hobbies outside of the design realm?

I studied in Taiwan for two months where they require their students to take craft classes like ceramics, metal, chinese painting, and glass. I understood the idea of learning about the basic materials and their processes. However, I found that I was less stressed, more creative, and harder working when it came to my design projects.

My school in America did not require these types of classes. As I jump into the real world, I have found my self wanting to step back from drawing and pick up a hobby for about an hour a day. In the mean time I have better finger dexterity and control which has helped my sketching ability.

My hobby has been knitting. What is yours?

Photography, painting, fine art drawing (non-id related), cooking, cycling.

I’ve always thought it’s important to have a hobby that allows me to disconnect from art / design / creative. For years I bowled in a men’s league (a bunch of local blue-collar guys) and it was a good time.

This last year, though, I quit the league and picked up electric RC car racing. It allows me to use many of my ID skills in a totally different way (but doesn’t feel like design). I also get to socialize with non-art people. Plus it’s tons of fun and a great challenge of skill / engineering.

I should add curling, too.

I used to take a lot of foreign language classes… thought the studying really stinks, it’s great for being a better communicator and fun just to chat with other interesting people, just for the sake of chatting (in the language). Plus its pretty awesome when your traveling. Takes up too much time though, so I let it slide…

I signed up for a class in Burnsville, MN. I really want to get into a beginner’s league too!

Making music is a fun hobby for me.

motorsports. it’s a great release.

Check out the St Paul Curling Club. Get a group of 4 together and join the Novice league. If you’re going to curl anywhere, you might as well do it at the largest and oldest club in the country. With the best ice, I might add.

DJ’ing, music production, working out, but I still end up using the same planning and strategy skills that I use in design so it’s never a total escape. But it’s always fun to be able to just make something for yourself that just is what it is.

Curling sounds like fun…

When I lived in Denver and SF, my favorite thing to do was mountain bike on all the great trails nearby. My current city is too hot and flat to make it worthwhile

I heard it is always hard to get into SPCC because it fills up so fast. Not true? Dakota Curling Club offers a one day intro class. I want to do a league but I think, with the economy as it is, I need to be as mobile as possible. : (

When I have some free time, I like racquetball, basketball, jazz & classical piano, hiking, mountain biking. I have oil paints, but haven’t used them in a while.

I create really evil sounding psychedelic music on my Les Paul. I like to blast through Chicago on my Triumph as well.


Solo 1, solo 2, and random track days are what I’ve been up to the last few years. I also love sailing, we had a nice boat when I was young. I would like to get a Laser and get into that.

I also make things, and draw.

I definitely could add photopraphy and cooking but I haven’t really focused on those in a while.

Skiing - only applicable in the winter, obviously, but I’ve found it’s my favorite way to reconnect with nature

Lifting weights/batting cages - two of the very few things that take all of my concentration thus relieving me of my daily stresses

Going to the movies - allowing myself to become fully enveloped in another world is relaxing and enjoyable while providing a huge boost to my creative side

I find that whatever hobby I try, design thinking always finds its way into whatever I’m doing as something inevitably comes up that makes me ask “why?” or “what if?”. Be it motorsports, archery, snowboarding, photography, or whatever… It doesn’t necessarily bother me per se, but sometimes my mind will get caught up into something when I really should just be smelling the roses.

My favorite outdoor activity! My family is in Park City right now. I’m very upset I’m not with them. :cry:

Outside of design, I like to cook, I’m fanatical about Crossfit, also play ice hockey weekly, and soccer when the fields aren’t frozen solid.