0-62 in 4.2… 29 mpg “normal driving” and 186 mph top…yup dat there is a green giant…bring on MORE TDI blue tech.

I’m sure you’ve been following Audi’s LeMans domination with their diesel race cars the last couple years. I’m glad this technology is trickling down to us commoners. (well, we commoners in the market for a V12 TDI R8 supercar)

have been, supurb as is bmw’s, MB’s and hell even vauxhall has a tdi…blimy whats wrongo with usa’o?

‘It’ll pass 62mph in only 4.2 seconds - and return up to 29mpg in normal driving’

Audi’s R8 V12 TDI and ‘normal driving’…isn’t that an oxymoron. Perhaps the thread title should be…“Colorless green ideas sleep furiously”.

Theres still some issues with diesels in America to make them from being the surefire choice. The cars cost more because of additional emissions equipment needed, diesel fuel costs ~$.50 more then a gallon of gas and there are still lots of stations that don’t carry diesel.

With that said I’d take a diesel over a hybrid anyday.

I want more diesel options as well… It’s what I plan for my next purchase, but I’m bummed at the dearth of model choices.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the benefit is that diesel is 30% more efficient. Therefore diesel must cost 30% less than gasoline in order to break even. (In terms of fuel economy) Currently Gas is at 4.01 or so and diesel is around 4.59. Thats an approximation, so you’re looking at approximately 15% better than gasoline. Now factor in the clean burning diesel and performance capabilities showcased in this article and you’ve got something that makes sense for everyone.

why yes, actually I do happen to be in the market… and I think this picture says it all. next time someone makes an electric car, inclusion of this feature may help generate that excitement I am feeling right about now.

I also wish people would quit whining about how dirty and smelling and only available at truckstops blablabla diesel is, whaaaa. so I figure that if the hybrid car gets 50miles to the gallon, and a gallon of gas costs 4.00, and the new diesel jettas get 50 miles to the gallon and diesel costs 4.25 thats not a gain right? anyone price a hybrid lately? anyone even able to get your hands on one to test drive? not us.

so my real question is, if a hybrid-gas-electric car get double that of a gas car, then when do we see the diesel-electric car. that and can I borrow 150k…

I don’t like diesel. The engines take longer to heat up, therefore, I would sit in the cold longer in winter. Diesel fuel is the most slippery substance known to man…more slippery than motor oil even. I’ve hit a patch in the city, it really is like ice. Newer cars aren’t as bad, but diesels put out more particulate pollution. I live in front of a bus stop and you should see my windows every week. I can only imagine what it does to my lungs…no wait, I don’t want to.

Lastly, the diesels rule at Le Mans because of rules, not science. In the American Le Mans series, Porsche won the majority of races last year with a gas V-8. They won because of rules too. Such as the size of restrictor, weight limit and fuel tank size. Expect a surprise result by a “production based” Aston V12 at Le Mans this year.

I did thoroughly enjoy a Golf TDi test drive though. The engine revved harder than I would imagine for an oil burner. They are still noisy though…maybe the french engines are better.

Speaking of Green Giants has anyone checked out the laughable Tahoe Hybrid with a shameful 21city/22highway gas mileage rating. Maybe it has cleaner emissions, but their print adds for it show it in a forest setting with graphics consisting of greens and leaves, what a joke. 332hp to take your groceries from 0-60mph in 14 seconds, but at $50k starting it’s a steal!

Did I mention you can only get the Hybrid version in 2WD?

How is this design driven GM?

This is an excellent example of just how far companies are willing to go to be “green”. Slap a green sticker on a product that shouldn’t have one. The other example is Flex Fuel. Sure its cheaper at the pump… now. What happens in 5 years when the price of a bushel of corn is more than a barrel of oil? And a pound of beef is $47??? OH THE HUMANITY!

Sorry, got carried away.

I’m still excited about th TDI R8. I don’t care what anyone says.

Currently Gas is at 4.01 or so and diesel is around 4.59.


San Luis Obispo County, California.

“Regular” / “Premium” Gasoline
$4.25/$4.39 per gallon

Diesel #2
$5.05 / gallon

again, if I may whip out my righteous math,

at your cali prices, diesel is 18% more expensive than gas, 5.05/4.25=1.18

and the particular car that I talk about probably way too much, get around 25 mpg of gas, or around 50 mpg of diesel, that for an 18 percent price gain, you receive double the mileage. that seems not only like a better deal, but you are using less of it. Also, I remember reading somewhere that ethanol fuel only has about 75% of the potential energy of gasoline, so if your gas is around 10-15 percent ethanol, you get the 90 plus the 75% of 10 to get only 97 percent as efficient as gas if you have e85 that you get 18 plus 75 percent of 85 with is…63% + 15 = 78 so

gas 100%
diesel 200%
10-15% ethanol 97.5%
e85 78.75%

rambling on, if gas is 4.00 a gallon, e85 needs to be at…3.15 to cost the same, and waste a bunch of corn, and diesel would have to be 8.00 a gallon.

and I am also still excited about the r8 also, I want my car to have a race setting.

Carton: Spot on. My brother-in-law drives New Brunswick to Montreal often. He noticed the other day that he gets better mileage from Montreal to NB than vis versa. He asked me, as a car freak, why this could happen. It turns out he tanks up in Maine before driving to Montreal. The US adds more ethanol to their gas than Canada does. Voila. Luckily, gas is 40% cheaper in the US, so we still save money;)

Here’s an article I read this past week dealing with BioDiesel and what a crock its turned out to be (with current production methods that is.)


isn’t peace coffee the company that advertises on the current (radio station) that their coffee is delivered by bicycle? What do they need a van for?

Anyway, anyone hear about the bio-diesel made for algae? read this article, or one like it,


The important line from the story is this:

“Soy produces some 50 gallons of oil per acre per year; canola, 150 gallons; and palm, 650 gallons. But algae is expected to produce 10,000 gallons per acre per year, and eventually even more.”

Too bad algae doesn’t have a lobbyist, yet…

Yes Peace Coffee is delivered by bicycle. But in 12" snowfalls and deliveries farther than 10 miles away, like to major grocery store chains, they use the biodiesel van. I have several friends that work there. About 80% of the deliveries are done by bicycle, the rest is by van

lol, maybe we could design them a snowcycle