Hmmm... $50 richer!

Just got a check from previous employer of my internship as they have considered to disclose a patent based on a feature idea I proposed last year. Feels good, but I thought it was supposed to be $500! Maybe that’s for full time employees… :smiley:

but you will have a nice little bullet point for your resume!

Yes I do!

I’m a joint holder on six patents related to motorcycles. I worked for a manufacturer in the early '80s.

I recieved $1.00 for each of them.

In addition to ones salary, that was the “traditional” reward for effort in large corporations for decades. It used to be considered a sign of achievement to have a framed dollar bill on your wall; everyone knew what it represented.

Don’t spend it all in one place :slight_smile: (not easy to do with gas already over $3.00)