Hmm... wondering if there is an easy solution

I am working on a project for an invention convention, and a major part of the judging is the presentation.

I’m making a rough prototype of the project, along with a posterboard detailing everything.

I figured that some sketches, along with a picture of a 3D render would work well.

So…my question is this: what is a program that I can use to easily make a decent-looking render of my project? This project is due in early December.

If it matters, the majority of the product is rectangular in shape… with a few curves on the end. (Might be easier to render)

SketchUp is free. I think there is a trial version of Rhino available, too. They’d be simple renders, but…

not really sure what you are asking here. You could use many of the tools that we use in ID to do this. I also don’t know what you may have to use. In my office we use Solidworks and 3DS Max to do 3D work. You can get a rendering out of both of these. A few others are:

Rhino (student edition is cheap)

Well at this point I’m basically asking for a good, easy to use, free rendering program.

A few months down the line I may be interested in buying some better software, but for right now I just need the basics.

I’ll have to check out the ones you mentioned NURB, thanks.

Just to let you know you will get what you pay for if you go free. Rhino is $200 (I think) for a student edition. Good price for a nice piece of software.

sketch up ( as mentioned ) is free and easy.
For rendering, Vray has a plug-in for sketchup
(and other software) with free 30 day trial. Might
also see if bunkspeed is compatible with Sketchup?