Hmm sounds all too familiar

I would advise you to stick up for your views, been in EXACTLY the same position, they did not want to spend a penny on anything, but the wanted everything to work right now.
Well, I say, make a plan, set proceedures, ask for a work schedule from your boss, otherwise you will gesumped… When you have made a plan, state your case state it well and clear, don’t be put off or bullied by anyone. ALWAYS ask for more stuff and budget than you need, they will ALWAYS give you less than what you ask for, then come back with an offer you can be happy with that costs less for developing products and they will agree… if they have any sense. If not, get yourself a new job, you will always struggle where you are, to do what you need to make them happy.

All the best, it only get easier.

and make sure you don’t walk into the boss’s office to use the toilet. know where you dump your stuff.