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hi all

i’ll be taking my first business trip to china at the end of the month. will be going to hong kong and then to some factories in guangzhou. i was wondering if anyone could give me some advice in terms of good stores to go to and stuff to do. i’ve been to hk before, but not so much in the shopping mode as in the tourist mode… and i’m curious to hear if there is anything interesting to do in guanzhou.

cheers paul

Hey, I think I’m in Guangzhou next week…would be interested to know myself.


theres a cool little back lane in HK (one between land tai fong?? and the ferry to kowlon)where they do small scale shoe repairs. They have loads of fat laces really cheap- bought about 10 pairs, hello kitty and fat neons for no money at all. great.

Dongguan best shop ive been to is the Walmart. in the complex upstairs there are loads of interesting little shops and boutiques, some very ropey but some nice little finds to be had such as Apple mid basketball boots! I heart cheap shiny tat. Went to a few other department stores but didnt find much special and was more expensive than the UK. The bigger the gold cat with battery operated swinging paw you can get the betterer you are as a person. I reccomend buying the comlete range of mcdonalds toys so you can set up a mini plastic mcdonalds in your house. gutted as i ran out of RMB so i couldnt get the drive thru set with realistic looking head mounted microphone thing. Maybe get yourself a $9 DVD player to go with all your DVDs, or maybe one of those cool litlle winnie the poo neck rests for your car which are really uncommfortable. Its all about the tat. tat tat tat. I love it.


If you are willing to venture deeper into Kowloon, the place to go is Sham Shui Po ( there is an MTR subway stop by that name). This is where the locals shop and has shops selling things from new clothing to every component for anything to used power tools.

Also, from weezlepopper’s comment, the area on Hong Kong island is Lan Kwai Fong.

Try going to GOD (Goods of Desire).

They have stores on Causeway Bay, MonKok, Central, and Tsim Sha Tsui.

Sorry, can’t help with guanzhou.

If you want to try other touristy / shopping areas:

  • Stanley Market on the back side of HK island(good restaurants too)
  • Mong Kok - This is where the locals shop
  • LoWu Knock-off Mall - Just over the border at the Shenzhen train station


Mon Kok,

Fa Yuen street for footwear is the best. 1 entire street of sports shoes. Fa Yuen Street. One over from the market street (Tung Choi I think).

There is also a nice arcade shop two streets over from that called the Sino center. On Nathan r. (the jewellery st.) between Soy and Dundas Street. Hard to find, but some good more rare sneaks, plus vinyl, watches, and more.

Also on the Kowloon side, check out Granville St. Most is crap, but near the end are a few good shop, and also check out the hidden Granville arcade/plaza. 5 floors of tiny shops with just about everything.

Again, in Kowloon (I dont go over to the HK side much), the shopping center across from the royal pacific hotel on Canton Road is good. Called Silvercord center.

On the HK side, go to Causeway bay. Got pretty much everything there.

Also heard there are supposed to be some good vintage clothing markets someplace, but never had the chance to go/find them.



Been to Guanzhou lots, but never go out shopping. have a good time, take it easy on the whiskey (or practice before you go :wink: ).

I was really dissapointed with Mong Kok. Big cheap markets, and lots of little stores all selling the same dunk colourways. In retrospect I’d do a google round the forums (sneakerfreaker, hypebeast etc), footwear blogs etc, and see if you can find the ‘in-the-know’ places. Depends what you’re looking for though.

I agree with your comments about monkok for footwear. All the shops are pretty much owned by one chain anyhow, so very much do have all the same stuff…

…still if you’ve never been, id highly recommend it as you’ll never see more shoes per sq.ft than there and its pretty impressive!

The Sino centre I mentioned has more rarities, but again still pretty dunk/af1 focused selection.


Mongkok is slowly but surely changing from “where the locals shop” to “this is where we tell the visitors that this where the locals shop”. It is starting to get that Temple Street feeling. Please try Sham Shui Po, as I think you will find it interesting. It is two stops farther up the MTR red line from Mongkok (after Prince Edward stop). this is definitely “where the local of limited means and expats in the know shop”.

Guangzhou - General note, this city has the highest crime rate in China. Most of the population are worker immigrants and it doesn’t have the family clan system that is so important in Chinese harmony. Don’t walk around with your laptop (local P&G employees have learned this the hard way). Keep your gadget and wealth appearance to a minimum. I am not normally someone who scares easily (6’3" tall and 250lbs) or is fearful of foreign places but I am very wary in Guangzhou.

I love Sham Shui Po, it’s always my first destination - as well as doing alot of my material sourcing there, I mke my own jewellery as a hobby and the bead/findings wholesalers there are excellent.

In the Silvercord Centre there is a shop on the top floor called IT - its a sale shop, sometimes you can get really great designer shoes for very little money. Next to the Silvercord centre theres a subway, there are good stores in there too.

Theres also an IT in the Langham Place shopping centre (I always stay in that hotel, it’s kind of a fashion trade place to stay as its convenient for suppliers.) Plus other interesting fashion stores.

Agree, Mongkok isn’t best for sneakers, every shop sells the same thing.

There was a cool store down GranvillleRoad (in a basement) selling rare sneakers last time I went. Oh and go to the Comme Shop in Central.

You could try looking on superfuturecity

for better ideas. On the mainland all I buy is cheap computer bits and cough dvds cough

thanks for all the info… keep it coming.

hk island (central/causeway bay/etc) to me is filled with malls with prada/chanel/etc stores… kowloon has been a lot of fun… the stanley market was nice.