History of the 240Z

Interesting read on how the 240Z came to be.

cool, thanks for posting that!

Oh, the memories – having a toddler, an infant and a 240Z. What child seats, that’s what the back was for.

Was/is that your’s, Dan? Fantastic color. Looks totally stock?

Cool article! Its interesting to see the changes made to the car for the US vs Japan markets.

Love it!

This is an identical car, color, even the wheel covers. Mine was a 1972 and it was our daily driver from 74 to 78. Sold our 1966 Porsche 912 to buy it. Wish we could have kept both. I’d have to dig through hundreds of box of slides to find a photo. The 240Z’s were very fast but so cheaply made. We should start a thread listing the cars we’ve had.

Here’s a little more background on the Z.