History of Furniture Design

Hi guys,

Okay, this may sound stupid but i didn’t really get to study about Furniture Design & its History while i was in college.
While i just realize how important this is and i am really interested in knowing more about the Timeline of Furniture Design, Famous Designers in detail by century, eras etc and get to see a pictorial image of the furniture.

I did tried to search online but nothing comprehensive.
Need a little help & recommendation where can i obtain such information.
Website, books etc?

Thank you : )

Are we at a place already that we can discuss designers by century, and not decade? :slight_smile:

Nitpicking aside, a good place to start is actually not with designers, but architects. For some reason, they usually produce way cooler furniture than designers. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Alvar Aalto, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Le Corbusier…

Either search for those names, or simply Bauhaus. Both should produce good results and are good starting points.

(In college, my teacher preferred to start the “design era” with the Shakers, but I’m still not convinced about that… to me, that’s still crafts, so it depends on where you draw the line…)

Tell that to the author of this book - that’s a lot of centuries of furniture.


Get a book called “World Furniture: An Illustrated History” edited by Helena Hayward.

It’s on Amazon.

Yes, as I mentioned, where you choose to draw the line between crafts and design is a whole topic on its own. I gave my opinion on it, and that author probably has a different one, judging by his title. :slight_smile:

there are tons of books, and to gain a comprehensive understanding you’ll need a few.

the first “chairs” - four legs, two arms and a back, go all the way back to ancient Egypt, so ask your self, how well do you wan to understand the History of Furniture…?

late to the party, as usual… :unamused:

The Encyclopedia of Furniture: Third Edition
by Joesph Aronson
Hardcover: 496 pages
Publisher: Clarkson Potter; 3 Revised edition (December 13, 1961)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0517037351
ISBN-13: 978-0517037355

Used, hardback, ~ $20-30

Aljurabby… what you are doing is called plagiarism; taking someone else’s words and calling them your own.

See > http://styles-and-periods.interiordezine.com/furniture-history/

You have completely compromised any credibility that you think you have gained.

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Designing has started from the age of human being because poeple like to use those things which look good and unique in terms of looking.
Furniture is the most important part of living, which increases the living standard…

History of furniture can’t be exactly can be found at any where from the earlier times human beings make things to full fill its needs . Old races Greece and others used excellent wood to make furniture. Design over the furniture take years to complete.
’ Now a days we just go to market and buy product in different designs and style but in old time if you need something you have to do best practice to make it. Somehow your question are quiet impressive.

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