Historical reflection - Mitsu iMiev

I ran across the Mitsu imiev again today and for some reason the Dymaxion car popped in my head. It’s interesting how both are cab forward with a downward sweeping rear end. I wonder if it is intentional.

I’ve never quite liked that modern vehicles with short front ends are called cab forward… a term that was once reserved for vehicles where the driver really was forward of the front wheels, like a bus or that Buckymobile.

Is this because of Chrysler introducing the term to describe their aero-looking Intrepid and Neon when they first came out years ago?

At what point does a car become cab forward?


It comes from Chrysler, yeah. I think that a car is cab forward when the windshield advances to a point vertically above the front wheel.

it looks like a spaceship but I love the design…