Hiring Photographers and Models

I am needing to set up a photo shoot for a piece of furniture/sculpture that I will have finished in a few weeks. I have never worked with a photographer for a professional shoot and I would like to hire a model also. Does anyone here have any experience with this sort of thing?

I am mainly looking for a realistic budget.
Average cost for a photographer with a white infinity background (5-10 good shots, some with and some without model)
Average cost to hire a model
Model services (hair/make-up)
Who provides the wardrobe?
Anything else?

I have a very specific look I am going for and I am doing this for a one-off piece. All of the costs are coming out of my pocket so I am hoping to be able to swing the model.

Some ballparks. Of course it depends who you hire, what you want, etc…

A decent photographer will likely cost you around $1200-2000 per day. 5-10 shots will likely take a full day that includes the set up before and moving things around during.

Additionally you will likely need to have a photographers assistant which is maybe $2-300 for the day.

A model will run you about $1000-2000 incl the agency fee. You might be able to get away with a half day though if you plan it well.

Stylist might be $600-1000, that includes the time before the shoot to get clothes.

Hair and makeup $500-1000 though if simple the model might be able to do their own to avoid the cost. Again, less if half day.

Also add more if a studio rental is needed and/or possibly to buy the background (normally charged to the client as it gets dirty), and possibly camera/lighting rental. Plus you’ll need a minimum of photo retouching and color correction, anywhere from $20-100 per image depending if you need it close cropped, etc.

Also likely budget for food and drinks for the day shoot and also for a casting day if you are holding go-sees.

Pro Photography is not cheap.


I’d second RK’s ballpark on the photographer pricing. I paid $2500 for 12 hours of work 3 years ago for photographer and an assistant (included in the price). I didn’t need models, hair/makeup, or studio space. So that price was basically just for time. It was about another $1500 for the image retouching, etc.

If this is a personal project, and you don’t have that cash, check out a local art school that teaches photography. Those kids are usually hungry for work, and many of them model as well.

Thanks for the figures. I was kind of afraid it would be that high :open_mouth:

I was hoping to keep in the $500-$600 realm if possible. A lot of the photographers in my area have setup fees in the $150-$200 for family photographs/senior photos with additional costs for the prints/cd. I know this is a different type of photography so it seems crazy to pay that much. I am also new to the real world of doing things so I am just experiencing sticker shock.

An ex coworker suggested using Model Mayhem to find a model. The models on there typically will do shoots for lower amounts of compensation and a lot of time they will do time for prints in order to build their portfolios.

Maybe using a combination of new model plus student photographer will help me achieve my goals lol. I really just want some nice photographs to give to the companies I worked with on the project and some great shoots for my portfolio.

Yup, it can get very expensive. I second the idea of a student photog, but make sure you get one who has done product. I’ve tried photogs unexperienced with product before and it can be tricky. Same goes with models. Unexperienced models can be very hard to work with and get good shots out of. Like anything else, you always get what you pay for.

best of luck.


Most likely a little late on the advice, but just backing up what was previously mentioned.

Model Mayhem is a great place to find models/stylists and affordable rates.

In terms of the photographer, it’s certainly not cheap. Personally I charge $200-250/hr and I’d probably expect at least 3hrs depending on what you want specifically. You get what you pay for in photographers.