Hiring ME with ID degree

So I am a little confused, in Canada or at least Ontario 15 years ago (maybe it is not the same now) but for a company to give an employee the title of engineer the individual had to have a engineering degree from an accredited school. But since being in the states it seems that the title means very little as it relates to your education.

I have had several people apply for our ME opening where in it states you must have a degree in ME, they either don’t have a degree or have a degree in ID but there last few job titles have them as ME’s.

I agree that some people can do the job of ME’s and just because you graduate with a degree does not mean you are the be all end all, and that many non degree people can be stronger mechanical engineers (as i am sure goes for many degrees).

Is this common throughout the states?

It’s actually more strict now, and Canada-wide, you need to have graduated from an accredited university, worked for a few years under an engineer, then passed a few licencing exams and character references. If you call yourself an engineer or even imply it without that, the licencing body can bring legal action against you, and there are some serious penalties. I’ve seen it happen recently in fact.

That’s why in my email signature, and on my business cards it says “Creative and Mechanical Design” :wink: