Hills National Design and Innovation Centres (Australia)


“The two new Centres – the Lance Hill Design Centre (named after the inventor of the Hills hoist) and the Digital Research and Commercialisation Centre - will be showcases for smart collaboration in the State (South Australia), engaging students, independent designers and innovators, researchers and businesses, to collaborate on projects, incubate new ideas and products, and commercialise new designs.”

The Centres

There isn’t a lot of Industrial Design work here in Adelaide for fresh designers coming out of school. It’s good to see collaboration between the Universities and big manufacturers (Hills Holdings), to help out and provide this kind of opportunity.

Hey Andrew, Do you know of anyone who’s actually working for the two centres? My understanding is punters can pitch to the D-Shop, and the Lance Hill Design Centre exists to help successful pitches to commercialise. I haven’t seen or been able to sniff out any ID positions at either.
I heard a rumour that the existing Hills R&D is maybe taking on these roles, but the rumour didn’t sound convincing.

check this old thread out:

Jaime, I don’t know of anyone that will be working at the centres. The Hills R&D team could be doing it, but I was under the impression that they had all been moved to Sydney…

The first group of selected people start their projects mid-June, so I’d assume that some kind of detail would come up soon.