Anyone else get spam from these guys once a month?

To: Greenman
Subject: International Top Design Yearbook Contributions Wanted

Hello, Greenman. I’m ****, from Hightone Design Book Cor., Ltd, which publishes professional advertising, print, branding, packaging, interior design books.

We are planning for publishing the International Top Design Yearbook-2011. So we have a great notion to collect the top design works, and invite designers like you to join in the project.

Do you willing to cooperate with us? If you are interested in it, please contact me with ******@126.com .Thank you very much.


So what’s the deal, just a request for more free things to copy over there or what? The books are kind of cool, but something tells me they’re treated as catalogs…I’m tempted to respond that I would love to contribute, but first they must deposit $10,000 USD per full page spread featuring my work into my PayPal account. Should I?

got the same thing.

What? They give you $10,000? I didn’t read that part before I trashed it…


I’ve gotten it a few times… and so have lots of friends.

No they didn’t mention any pay, I just thought about doing it to see their response.

Hi there!

Sorry for bring this topic alive again.

I was contacted by the same company and for the same reasons, to give them some images so they could publish them bla bla bla… I’m good, but I’m not that good to make companies of books contact me to publish my work, never happened before why now right? So I decided to investigate a little bit and I found this post.

Did you went forward with your work for them? or you just saw I was something fishy and leave them alone?

Big thanks!

Rui Palma

No I did not go forward and submit anything to them, there’s no benefit for me to have my work highlighted in a seemingly unknown publication. As far as I can tell they look for free design examples and publish books containing the examples for profit.


I thought the same.