Highschool Student How well/Advanced should my portfolio be?

Hi I am new to these forums. I am a junior in highschool. I am very interested in industrial design, Mainly Transportation Design. I also have interest in product design. I feel i am very good with comming up with solutions to problems, But not great at drawing and rendering them. I have been practicing sketching alot, and find rendering very hard to learn, specifically with photoshop.
Anyway I will be applying to colleges soon. I want to know how well or advanced my portfolio should be? I have seen some students(<18)portfolios on cardesignnews.com that are very good.
What programs should i be able to use going in to college? ( photoshop, alias, rhino, etc. )
How, if you have been accepted to a school, advanced was your portfolio?
What do most students accepted to industrial design schools, portfolios look like?

Also, any suggestion for a school for me , I live in central illinois.

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it’s tough to say without seeing your work - post some in coroflot or anywhere, be sure to put in lots of process sketches, ask again in the trans thread.

people here are pretty good at giving constructive criticism