HighSchool student, folio advice

Hi, I am a high school senior and I’m looking to get into an art school for graphic design. Unfortunatley there is a problem. My problem is that I would like to apply for SVA early decision and that is due by dec 1st. I handed in the application and my only problem is my portfolio. For some reason because I was never told otherwise and my school did not have a dedicated art program till this year, I was mainly concentrating on computer generated work. I thought that if I wanted to get into a GD program the school wanted to see what kind of graphic design skills I had. Then after calling up SVA I found out that they wanted drawing from observation and foundation arts and minimal comp generated art. That is a problem for me because I have about 5 days to get that done to make it by the early decision deadline. Any help at all. Also I am thinking about applying to Parsons, PRATT, the LIU media arts program, and unfortunately the art institute of NY as a backup. I’d like feedback on those schools. I want to get a BFA in graphic design/advertising or just GD but I want to stay in the city. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

may want to break up giant run on paragraphs like that from now on.

anyway… just to let you know, this is pretty much an industrial design website… SVA doesn’t offer ID. (pratt does, parsons has some product design classes)

if you have five days to do a few life drawings, it’s a crunch, but it’s possible to get some stuff done.

maybe try to do three really nice 18x24’s or a series of something in any traditional media.

in your interview , don’t apologize for having so few life drawings. just show them with the rest of your work and see what the interviewers say. they’ll probably tell you you should have more life drawing, but at least you’ll have something.

i’ve heard of people getting in on purely photography based portfolios, maybe you can do the same with your graphic art.

good luck, pay more attention to what you should do next time.