Highlighter marker rendering

Occasionally, when I haven’t been to the local art supply store in a while to replenish my supply of Copics, I find myself grabbing a highlighter for marker work. They tend to have a similar moisture profile to some “art” markers that sit on the drier end of the spectrum, they layer up on top of themselves relatively well, always have a nice chisel tip, and you get to sketch and render in crazy colors. Plus, they’re stupid cheap compared with the Copics and Chartpaks of the world. Anyone else dabble in the occasional neon pink and blue sketch?

I tried using them when I was without markers once, but found that layering really destroyed regular paper. Are you using bleedproof?

Nope. Just decent weight copy paper.

I got inspired to try this out, so I reached for my 5+ year old highlighter (and sharpie) and threw down a car. My scanner didn’t capture the super saturated pink - the highlighter is still far from being dried out.

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One of my coworkers in Jordan used to sketch everything with an indigo blue pencil, the smear it with a tissue, then work back in with more pencil and an eraser. It was a lovely effect.

I use highlighters sometimes in a pinch or for a detail pop.

Fun sketch!

Thanks Andy. I can’t forget how exciting it was to sketch with pink highlighter. Have to commit to it like sketching with sharpie.

Keno - that is a cool idea. Your sketch has a nostalgic essence to it. Maybe that’s just me, haha.

here is one with a bit of highlights on it…

Digital but simulating a highlighter. :slight_smile:

A little high letter was used just in the accents of these.

Cool Michael, I especially like that shade of brown for a sole. Does Nike still sketch like this? I’ve only worked in consultancies and never saw anyone sketching to this level, markers are barely used, just sharpie for quick doodles or initial ideation and then over to digital.

Linda, It depends on the designer, but it is mostly digital these days.