High Strength / Light Weight Sheet Metal

Would appreciate your feedback…

U of M (Michigan) technology spin off yielded a sheet form of magnesium that is much stronger on a density basis than aviation aluminum, etc. Company web site is http://www.nanomag.us Please forget all the misconceptions about magnesium burning, very special conditions are required, magnesium does not self ignite.

Attended 2 IDSA conferences, and have had some discussions with ID talent, but would appreciate your feedback on how to share the characteristics of this material with the design community.

This material is really about metal in a sheet form that is stronger and lighter than aluminum. To form it some heating is required, thickness range is 0.5 mm - 2.7 mm.

Question really is, how to interact with the ID community.

Thanks for the comments!

Sounds very interesting. I always appreciate a sort of apples to apples comparison. Make something out of nanomag (cell phone body, laptop chassis, medical device of some sort) and the same out of aluminum and show off the capabilities.

Fair comments! THANKS! Actually nanoMAG’s earlier commerical successes in a molded form of magnesium (as opposed to sheet form) were first with laptop chassis, exactly as you proposed. If we made an “iPhone” body with the magnesium material, who would you propose that we show it to. You have good insight on med devices as well, magnesium breaksdown harmlessly in the body, negating the requirement to take it out later.