high signal to noise recruiting

Do any design managers have reliable methods of recruiting other than posting jobs. I’ve been fairly unsuccessful using job boards. too many cantidates taking too much time to review. What works best? wining and dining local college department heads? popping into studios? I’d love to hear what methods people use to get the best talent.

On a semi-related note, is the boston area devoid of junior industrial designers? I’m looking to hire a new person for my team, but there are barely any corefolios relative to the number of local students. This is a note to all recent RISD, Massart, Wentworth grads who are “gonna get to posting a portfolio”. Do it, it will be seen.

Without posting an ad on coroflot, I’ve been searching through the portfolio section. I’ve found a few people that would fit, so if you spend the time to do a proper search it can work. Maybe narrow down 5 people to bring in for interviews.

That aside, it’s tough. Even if you post an opening with strict requirements, you still get people from all over the globe that don’t meet the needs. It’s frustrating and a lot of very, very talented and capable people get looked over.

So, if you are actively looking for a position, find a way to get the manager’s attention. Find a way to stand out from the crowd.

You could also give ritasue.com a call and see if they would help.

i’ve gotten contacted by the same corporation twice in like 6 months. last time couple weeks ago. not sure how they found me first time. second time recruiter admitted being new. said they’d read something i’d posted online. that this person sent an email to multiple addresses suggests some effort was expended figuring out who i was. surprising. considering such a large corporation with their profile and rep is going through all that effort. seems like maybe recruiters are digging deeper to find the right people. the market is swamped. if they posted a position they’d get truckloads of resumes. maybe different methods are necessary now.

if i was going to hire today i’d do the same. i’d be looking at the forums and the designer blogs. keeping casual track (i already do) and maybe dropping a note if i was hiring. so maybe hiring isn’t a scheduled activity anymore. it’s ongoing. doesn’t help you now. but it might help over the long term.

Hire a bizdev person, and make part of their job responsibilities pursuing and networking talent. You don’t have the time to do it well, and you could be making a better contribution to your company’s bottom line in the studio.

I can’t tell you how many good young designer contacts I made at the recent merit awards at Pratt. If you are lookng for junior designers, go where the juniors are. They can tell you who is hot. They also seriously crave the attention that only a working professional can give.

All my research shows that networking will continue to be the number one driver of new business for the forseeable future. Someone needs to give it full time attention. Part of that attention is knowing Who, what, when, where, why. Part of the intelligent bizdev program should be retention and recruiting.

Guest13’s answer is way better than mine. what i tried to say.