High School Student ?

Hey, i was thinking of going into industrial design… and i have a few questions.

What should i take in school or what kinds of books should i get other then sketching.

Is ID the same as product design?

What is the best school for ID?

Could you show me a port. that a collage would like to see?

ANd just any other info you could tell me. Right now im a soph…

take everything you can and learn as much as you can about everything. i know that sounds vague but it’s true. art,humanities,comm,bussiness,history, poli-sci,math,physics,comp-sci,
i think it all ties in - that doesn’t mean you have to take all these things i don’t want to make it sound overwhelming, a broad -well rounded education will help your thought process which is what fuels new concepts.

it’s cool that you’re thinking of what you want to do at such a young age, i wish i would have done that. thats pretty cool weather or not you decide to go into design.anyways…

i have been recently been working on building my library of design books, perhaps that can help, these are the ones i remember off the top of my and that probably makes them the more valuable ones. some of them (*) i use alot now. theres a ton more i could recomend it would just depepnd on what you want to know about.

*elements of design - gail greet hannah (about rowena reed kastalow)
design research methods and practices - (cant remember)
*anthropometrics - henry deyfus
*Tipping Point - can’t remember
The Nude - Sir Kenneth Clark
Engineering Design Methods: Strategies for Product Design - Nigel Cross
Design Methods - John Christopher Jones
Designing for People - Henry Dreyfuss
*You Just Don’t Understand - ?
Design: Its History, Theory, and Practice - Bernhard E. Bürdek
The Semantic Turn - Klaus Krippendorf
ModelMaking for Industrial Design - Ralph R Knoblaugh
Proffesional Modelmaking - Norman Trudeau
Product design and developement - karl ulrich
design paradigms - warren k wake
presentation techniques - dick powell
*Models and prototypes - yoshiharu shimizu
*a good set of university art history books
any one of the many books dscribing materials and processes
books about archetecture.
books containing pictures and stories about classic designs i.e Taschen stuff

Cool that you are looking into ID already as a soph in high school.

In highschool, I would recommend taking all art and drawing courses. Unless you are at an art focused high school, there won’t be much to take. Also get in a digital class that hopefully works with photoshop, if you know it well coming in to college, you will get in good shape. You use it a lot…at least at CCS where I go.

As far as books, I’m not sure what to recommend besides one called “Design Sketching”. It will help out a lot on your drawing skills overall. Its 50 bucks, but well worth it. www.designsketching.com

I guess Industrial Design is just our major, and when you are in school you generally study product design (shoes, cell phones, appliances), or transportation (cars, bikes, boats).

At CCS this year, they split the trans program to strictly automotive design, which most of the kids are after, but they only pick a few students to do it, or else you can do trans (bikes, boats, planes) or product.

Definetely go to an art/design school. Look at Art Center, Colege for Creative Studies, Cleveland Institute of Art…look for the well known schools…

I am from metro detroit, so choosing CCS was a brainer. Two other schools in my state (U of M and Western Mich) also had an ID program, but had to kill them last year because they couldnt keep up, their graduates just werent finding jobs as they were below their competitors coming out of top art/design schools. So definitely look into a credited school.

Hope that helps.