High School Design Portfolio - Updated

Hello, this portfolio was used to apply for university. There is no 3d work in it but nonetheless I would appreciate some critique.




Website is up:


What you do have is good. It looks professional. Any school I know of would take you.

If you want advice on improvement:
Add more Illustrations. I like to see mind to hand to paper stuff. It gives me some insight into the person’s thinking. If all I see is the shiny, carefully crafted, vector stuff I don’t have any idea at how you arrived there or how long it took you. The humanity of drawing has an undeniable appeal (to humans, that is).

Don’t put things in twice. It makes it look like you don’t have a lot to show. If you don’t have a lot to show, do more stuff.

You do internships in highschool over there in Europe? The U.S. has a bunch of late developers I guess. The only internship I had in highschool was mandatory community service. I wish I was interning at a graphic design agency in Italy instead of being forced into labor in hot old Phoenix.

Any way your damn good for a high school kid. Keep it up and you’ll be pro+ in no time.

Thanks for the lengthy feedback.

I’ve now also created a site to display my work.