High res small hydro transfer graphics

Hi all,

Need some help, looking fora supplier of high res water transfer. I have a looks like prototype that needs a small graphics panel. Hoping to find something similar to screenprinted look without the initial setup cost. Final product will be screenprinted or flex printed


Do you want a multi-color water-transfer decal? Or, a multi-color transfer graphic? Hydrographics are very difficult to register in application.

Thanks Dan for reply, forgive me im a bit limited in my knowledge. Im thinking a multicolor water transfer similar to what you would find for a plastic model airplane or similar


OK, water-slide decal. Use me as a reference. Contact:

Bob Muir
MW Studios
49 West 38th Street
NY, NY 10018
(212) 398-3420

Tell him what you need, send him artwork as an Illustrator file using spot colors.

MW can also produce a Dry Transfer graphic that does the same thing but transfers ink to the surface by burnishing – no water.

Awesome thanks so much! Graphics to be finalized next week im hoping

thanks again