high quality women's footwear suppliers (europe)?

Hi all,

Working on a new project and thought I would put a call out to draw from the great experiences and vast knowledge of fellow coroflot members.

The project is a new women’s high quality fashion brand. Given the majority of my experience is in athletic footwear produced in Asia, this is a new area for me.

We (my client and I) are looking for high quality potential suppliers in Europe (ie. Italy, Spain, Turkey, etc.) to develop/produce women’s fashion products (flast/heels, etc.). We are currently evaluating several suppliers in Italy, but if anyone has contacts/suggestions for other ftys it would be greatly appreciated.

Feel free to PM me or drop me an email to info@directivecollective.com for more info on the project if needed or to let me know any contacts in confidence.



bump. really, no-one has any leads?


Hi Richard

Are you looking for factories directly, or able to work via an office or contact in Europe?
I can find out where Prada, Vicmatie, Ixos, Casadei etc produce, I know their last maker personally.
Turkey is a disaster as is rest of Eastern Europe. You have to be there 100% of the time to control every little thing.
You might be interested to know that ALL these brands produce in China too.
It has become possible because all materials etc are freely available.
I know a Good office in China, they made production for Ann Taylor, etc and is run by Brazillians.
As long you have “Reasonable Pairage” you can do this and pocket the difference in Margin.

I can also ask around given more details. The fashion end is great, but quite different from sports. I am here to help if I can.
I was also trying to get you the sports factory, but my contact came up blank. Sorry.

I am also looking for clients Richard if you hear anything? Would be great.


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I hope you’re making good progress with this project.

Here’s an article that will interest you and others on here about the current state of affairs in the world of Italian shoe manufacturing.

The rate at which this shift is taking place is incredible…


I’m currently working in the retail stores from this factory at Portugal:


[Sorry Portuguese only website, try Mulher (woman)]

We are specialized in PU injected outsoles (comfort) but also work with fashioned shoes as you can see in the website.