High Point

As a furniture designer, it seems that there are a few different “factions” of our species, the two that most stand out being the “High Point-centric” and the “ICFF-centric,” in other words “everything except modern” and “modern.” Being a part of the High Point crowd, but with a strong aesthetic pull towards ICFF (and particularly Downtown), I’m curious how many on here attend HP, and what your thoughts are about the two very different sides of the “same” industry…

I personally think HP is a joke since techically showrooms are “closed” to the general public. You have to schedule time to see a particualar showroom and “you” usually only applies if “you” are a buyer. Its a joke really. That is not the definition of a trade show.

I also don’t break it down by “styling”. The better description is that HP is ONLY about styling whereas shows like ICFF and Neocon are about product design and innovation.

I agree that HP is not a trade show - it’s a market for buyers of furniture (not consumers of furniture… does anyone actually consume furniture? Hmm). To call it a joke isn’t fair though, since that is where a healthy chunk of the multi-million/billion dollar US furniture industry is funneled through.

Is it a cool place to walk through and make friends with hipster designer-fabricators? Nope, that’s ICFF - HP has a lot of (bad) attitude mixed in with the southern charm. Will there be innovative uses of materials and engineering? Here and there. True innovation? Once in awhile. But they sure know how to sell a lot of furniture, some of it actually quite slick and modernist-appreciable, and that counts for something.

Do I have a point? Maybe - I’m curious how people view HP vs. ICFF (I haven’t been to NeoCon, but please insert it on the spectrum), and if there are people in the field who “do” both. Thanks nydesignguy for replying.

i live about an hour and a half south of hp, i still don’t go…unless i absolutely have to. neocon is a must, though.

oy! highpoint sucked. bring on neocon!


i can already taste the oysters at Shaw’s…hmmmm.