High Gloss Scratch Resistant Plastics

I’m trying to find Low to Highend High Gloss Scratch Resistant Plastics.
The color would be in black.

There are Coatings & Plastics & Ceramics.
such as:
Scratch Resistant/thermoplastics
Ceramic coating

-Zirconium/Yttrium impregnated ceramic material/ Like the Iphone
-Lexan DMX Polycarbonate Resins

approx. 12 x 8 x 3 inches Case packaging w/felt lined interior.
cost at $30 to make.

Are there other High Gloss Scratch Resistant Plastics?

Have you considered Noryl?

Noryl* FXN2090H resin is an unfilled, injection moldable grade. Designed for exceptionally high gloss and improved pencil hardness vs. standard Noryl grades, FXN2090H resin uses non-halogenated FR additives to deliver UL94 V-0 performance at 1.5 mm. Noryl FXN2090H resin is currently available in custom black colors and may be an excellent material candidate for consumer electronics applications requiring high gloss aesthetics, scratch resistance and FR performance.> UL Prospector

You might also want to take a look at this article. It discusses some of the newer resin blends being created with high scratch resistance.

Thanks phoenixproto

I will check that out.

Check out Cyclic Olefin Coplymer (COC). Pricey, but badass.

TOPAS ® is the trade name of family of cyclic olefin copolymer (COC) resins from TOPAS Advanced Polymers. Topas COCs are made from ethylene and norbornene and can be tailored to exhibit a wide range of heat deflection temperatures (HDT) with a practical upper limit of 340°F (170°F). It is an amorphous transparent copolymer possessing a cyclic olefin structure. The high purity and absence of ionic content in these materials provide high insulation resistance and very low dielectric loss. They also have excellent chemical resistance to aqueous acids and bases and to most polar solvents.

TOPAS is recognized as a resin with optical properties comparable with PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate, acrylic resin), superior heat resistance to PC (polycarbonate), and superior dimensional stability to both PMMA and PC. Topas COCs have a very high moisture barrier, low water absorption, good resistance to hydrolysis and chemical media, and low density. In addition, they typically offer high transparency extending into the UV range, low birefringence, adjustable heat deflection temperature and high rigidity

→ Good luck with your project!

→ Thanks for posting this, definitely something to look into.