High Five

Just Yesterday BMW gave us the new 5-series, which looks like a baby 7 inside:

I’ll postpone my critical comments for some days to give these soak time. But on first glance “me likey!”
They certainly “De-Bangled” it. But does it look “fresh”? Does it have to?
Back to “same sausage, different length”

Tell me what you think.

Yours mo-i.

There’s something I don’t like about the front end. I think it’s the transition from hood to grille to headlamps. Something seems off or slightly out of proportion to me. Almost like it got smashed down in a compactor or something. The rear 3/4 shot is classic BMW, and the interior doesn’t appear to have changed too much from the previous 5 or 7, which is to say it looks very nice. I never minded Bangle’s influence, so I can’t comment on that one. But I do like this current back end. It could be the camera angle, but are they going for a slightly smaller passenger side mirror like Audi used to do?

I like the front end, i just think BMW needs to change up the interior more.

How so? Their interiors are top notch and certainly match the aesthetic of the exterior. What would you change?

I like it a lot. I think it is a pretty big jump over the current 5, which was a big jump over the 5 before that. They are definetly pushing it.

NURB, I see what you are saying on the front end, but I think it might actually just be the photo. There is an odd reflection over the grill. I bet in person it is bad ass.

I think there might be a weird intersection at the rear base of the rear door forward of he wheel well. Looks like a lot coming together in a relatively small, flat space. I t might look great in person, not sure, it probably does.
Picture 2.jpg
The interior is evolutionary,b ut it looks very well done. My only gripe in the GPS screen which looks un integrated. The center console is very nice.
Picture 3.jpg
The back end is fantastic. Love the overall form of the back end, so BMW, and the tail lights seem like they would be stunning in person. The whole thing just feels like a BMW.

First look and I was shocked, actually.

I’m a bimmer fan (though not a fanboy - they can still/have done wrong in some cases in my eyes - x3, x5, im looking at you)

I think the current 5 is one the best designed, most cohesive cars on the road, in any class, at any price. It looks great from every angle and the whole works as well as the details. The lines flow from front to back nicely and the front and rear lamps are positively gorgeous. As common as they are whenever I’m behind or in front of one, I can’t help but stare and take it all in.

First look at this one, and I saw the latest 3 series sedan (better than the previous gen, and close to the coupe which is awesome), but still, no 5. The front and rear lamps are very much like the new 3. Not as strong, IMHO.

I checked around for some more images and found a bunch more flattering pics over at Autoblog -

I’m calming down now, and liking it a lot more. Sure this is also one that will be even better than the best pics in real life. I can see the lines of the 7 in there, but also a lot of the new Z which is really like. Just kinda a shame the eyebrows on the lights seem to be gone, as those were really strong features. The strong beltline though I like, plus the more agressive hood lines. The more upright kidney grill, I’m not sure about either way yet, though think it will grow on me.

Interior wise, I have no issues. BMW have some of the nicest interiors out there, perfect balance between modern, driver oriented, and fitting with the exterior without being all randomly spacey. Love the fact they still got the orange basic LEDs on the dash and radio as they have since the 80s, and the very teutonic button arrangement of things rather than 1000s sculpty ellipsoid shapes that everyone else seems to do. not to mentioned quality and finish is top.

Overall, I’ll reserve final judgement until I see one, but at the least perhaps I can pick up the last gen 5 for less :slight_smile:


I think it looks pretty good and i think its an improvement over the last one, i think the last one was just a touch not sporty enough for me, but thats just my opinion. I love the lines in the hood. My boss has one a couple years old and the biggest impression i had of it was how little legroom there is in the rear! i have not spent hardly any time actually in bmw’s but i can only imagine how cramped the back of a 3 series is, i was expecting more room from the 5.

To me, not being a huge automotive expert in any way, it seems like the gina concept made a bit too much impact on the hood.

Or is this the way they have been sculpting the hood since pre-gina? I do like the initial pictures but i just get this “its melting”-sensation from the lines. A bit to fluid lines around the sides which gets a bit more organic then what atleast Im used to with BMW, and it seems like they are falling a bit in to the category where I saw mercedes 2-3 years ago.

i agree with that, but i loved those designs so the more the merrier i guess.

Obviously need to see it person first, but…

I dunno, I think it’s a competent exterior, I’d expect no less from BMW, but it just doesn’t get me excited. I think this compared with the latest 7 is getting a little safe. I feel like the previous 5 always had me visually inspecting it every time I saw it at a red light or on the road, even after a few years. There was a kind of unexpectedness to the creases and lines that I just don’t feel from this.

The belt line crease that runs to the rear lamps is really nicely done though.

I’m anxious to see this in person. Weirdly, I’m with Richard about the last 5 series: one of the best all time. Plus, the last 5 looked nothing like anything before it, but still looked like a BMW. That is super hard to do.

This new one makes me feel the same way I did when I saw the new Z4: safe, bland. In person, the Z4 looks super slinky, sporty and just completely refined. I’m expecting to be equally shocked by this new 5!

Nice find! Next to each other, this does look like a nice departure from the previous generation. Although, I’m definitely with you in wanting them to keep the eyebrow head lights. This new version looks a lot like the new 7 series the more I look at it. Not in a bad way though.

I never liked the front end of the last gen 5 series. I think the wing shaped kidney grill was too feminine, and the eyebrow headlamps looked too much like butterfly wings, and between the kidneys and the headlamps seemed to be an awkward shape. The rest of the car was very aggressive and the front just didn’t seem to fit.

I think this front end looks a lot more aggressive and it does fit more with the 3 and the 7.

I always liked how they handled the trunk shutline (Bangle butt?) of the outgoing five series where it runs (visually) from UNDER the tail lights,then moving sneakily up the side of the 3/4 rear panel and on to meet the rear glass as per usual. The 7 did it too, only it felt more in-yer-face with the shut line starting from a more traditional point on the tailtights…but I liked that too!

The new model will likely be a grower although I too feel it lacks something of the individuality the outgoing model possesed . I suppose we cant blame 'em for playing safe in the current climate …(then again, they probably sketched the general theme of this model quite a while before the present financial sh@t hit the fan!?)

The back of the old one still looks so good. Agreed.

Has onyone been to the Dealer presentations?

All has come out wonderful on this one, trust me. I’ve been there today.
As most sculptural designs it looks even better in reality.

Might be a little conservative, but it is in the harmonious way of a symphony.


what a wonderful proof for the powers of good design:

The new F10 Five series is sold out worldwide for this year. Yikes! Bangle will rotate in his, well, condo.
As the technology and marketing have been top notch with the predecessor as well I am willing to attribute
this fully to the new sleek look. I am not in the position to get a MacDaddy car anytime soon, so it doesn’t do
me no harm, but it’s utterly surprising to read the turn of the tide that time after a hefty crisis.

All the best.

yours mo-i

P.S. : Touring Teaser:

It is always fantastic when good design sells. I’m sure Bangle is fine though. While the last 5 might not have sold as many, it will be the model that is remembered. Those early flame surface cars also broke the BMW extruded form language mold. With out that car, this car would have seemed “too radical”. Both models are important and play a role. This ones role is to sell, and look handsome while doing it.

Unfortunately we will not get the touring wagon in the US which looks great, I even like the GT model.

For once a good designer “interview” that’s not entirely full of marketing, but some insight also.

Now I know, how all that busy lines went inside and what those chrome frames are for.