high end bottles

anyone know mfg contacts for siggg type ss bottles?

also, prototypers that can do short runs? what’s the best material for protos to check aesthetics/cap fit/etc?

whats the mfg process called? ss body, tight neck and threads.

Cans are made by “drawing and wall-ironing.” But SIGG bottles may be formed by “drawing and spinning” which is slightly different and would enable interesting cross-section shapes. Spinning is like lathing but “dents” rather than “cuts” the material.

The threads are added by a threading machine (like a drill press.)


spoke with 20 spinning/drawing manufacturers, who say it’s beyond their capabilities.

a handful mentioned checking out hyrdoforming and hydraulics press

also found out that aluminum bottles are made by impact extrusion.

anyone ever heard of this? and can it be done in ss?

I don’t know what you are using the bottles for, but I bought my wife a Guyot Designs SS water bottle the other day to replace her old Nalgene-style one. I was looking at the construction and it appears that the main body is drawn, trimmed and then welded (yes welded, you can see a seam on the inside :open_mouth: ) to the threaded top piece which was formed separately. The joint is then cleaned up and the outside brushed to a uniform finish. I was amazed at how much work went into this little bottle. It retails for around 25 to 30 US Dollars but the thing is solid. If you are looking for a higher end product, the cost of manufacture may be worth the result. I was impressed.

Here is a link to the manufacturers website

Do a Google search to find better images, because the ones they have on their site are a little lacking. Good Luck!


This company seems to make what you are looking for (I think).

You could source bottles directly from them, possibly.

welded. jesus christ.

KK is our direct competitior.

For those who are interested in impact extrusion… check out these nasty videos.

exal . com

Plant Tour link