High-Build Water Based Primer

High-Build Water Based Primer…

Does anyone know if such a thing exists? If so - where?



it’s water based, fairly non-reactive and easily sandable.
Pink Foam Model?

How about sprayable Kilz or Bin primer? Not very sandable though…

No, appearance models typically SLA. Sometimes a model that was for engineering purposes (lower quality) needs to get spruced up and painted. They’re small hand held devices with geometry that’s not easy to sand.

Water-thinned Joint Compound definitely has it’s place but I’m looking for something with that approaches the performance of a lacquer based high build automotive primer that will fill gaps and nicks.

The beauty of automitve primer is that if you begin with a reasonably good surface and you apply it right you get a baby’s ass smooth finish with no additional sanding needed. The ugly is the cleanup.

And why does your primer need to be water based?
If it’s an SLA it should be cured and non-reactive.

I just finished some SLA’s done in Somos 9120 resin and was able to sand, prime and paint. With Automotive Paints.

As far as the small sanding, I typically use a set of locking foreceps with a little piece of sandpaper to get in those tiny places. You have to change the paper a lot and it takes some patience, but if modelmaking was easy, everybody would do it.

Anywhere I can I’m trying to move to water-based paints. There are enough solvents in my life. If I could avoid using the lacquer primer I would that’s all.

considering the intricate nature of what you’re building, a more conventional P/S is probably the best bet; time is money, right?

SEMS Products, Inc
651 Michael Wylie Dr.
Charlotte, NC

… makes a great high-build Primer/Surfacer, packaged in aerosol cans, WITHOUT CFCs
#42013 (Lt. Grey) is available at most well-stocked automotive paint and body supply companies.